Integration questions


Q: What is the minimum version of iOS?

  • Minimum iOS version : 10

Q: What is the minimum version of Xcode?

  • Minimum Xcode version : 11

Q: What is the minimum version of CocoaPods?

  • Minimum CocoaPods version : 1.10.0

Q: How to get the version of the Ogury SDK ?

You can call the following method to get version of the Ogury SDK.


Ad formats

Q: Can I reuse instances of OguryInterstitialAd, OguryOptinVideoAd and OguryThumbnailAd?

Yes. Once the previous ad has been closed, you can call load to load another ad.

Q: Will Ogury SDK prefetch the next interstitial, rewarded or thumbnail ad?

No. You are responsible to load the ad using the dedicated load method

Ogury Choice Manager

Q: What is an End User License Agreement (EULA)?

The EULA (End User Licence Agreement) is Ogury's default consent collection system. It allows new users to express their choice on the ad targeting and personal data collection, for Ogury and its partner, in order to maximize your revenue. It is delivered as the first ad for each new user without any additional integration than Monetization one.

Q: What is a vendor?

A vendor is a third-party entity:

  • that accesses an end user's device or browser and collects personal data.

  • that receives end user's personal data and processes them.

Q: Where can I find the id for a partner?

Ogury vendor list is a structured JSON file. It contains a map vendors containing all vendors currently supported by Ogury Choice Manager. The key in the vendors map correspond to the id associated to the vendor.

Example: If you look for Ogury in the vendor list, you find the following entry:

    "id": 278,
    "name": "Ogury Ltd.",
    "policyUrl": "https://www.ogury.com/privacy-policy/",

The id for Ogury is: 278.

You can reset your IDFA in Settings > Privacy > Advertising.

The Ogury SDK will consider you as a new user and will display the consent notice to gather your consent on the next call to ask.

If you have activate the 'Show the consent notice only in the European area' option in your Consent settings. The Ogury SDK will behave as following for user localized outside of European area:

  • ask or edit methods will never display any consent notice.

  • response completion block will always be called with FULL_APPROVAL answer.

  • isAccepted and isPurposeAccepted will return true for every vendor/purpose.

Choice Manager determines the country of the user by using the IP. In order to fake your location inside the GDPR area and see the consent notice, you can use a VPN solution.

Yes. Ogury Choice Manager caches the user consent for a few hours to avoid hitting the network every times your application starts.


Q: How I can retrieved topViewController when Thumbnail Ad is displayed?

Thumbnail Ad is show inside a UIWindow that are at the level of UIWindowLevelStatusBar. So a basic topViewController method can provide the Thumbnail Ad like the topViewController.

To avoid that, you must exclude the Thumbnail Ad UIWindow in the method. Thumbnail Ad UIWindow can be found by the name of it rootViewController : OGAThumbnailAdViewController.

This is example of a topViewController method implementation :

extension UIApplication {
    class func topViewController() -> UIViewController? {
        let windows = UIApplication.shared.windows
        for window in windows {
            if (window.isKeyWindow &&  NSStringFromClass(window.rootViewController?.classForCoder ?? UIViewController().classForCoder) != "OGAThumbnailAdViewController") {
                return self.topViewController(controller: window.rootViewController)
        return nil
    class func topViewController(controller: UIViewController?) -> UIViewController? {
        if let navigationController = controller as? UINavigationController {
            return topViewController(controller: navigationController.visibleViewController)
        if let tabController = controller as? UITabBarController {
            if let selected = tabController.selectedViewController {
                return topViewController(controller: selected)
        if let presented = controller?.presentedViewController {
            return topViewController(controller: presented)
        return controller

If you have any trouble during your integration please contact the Ogury support team at techsupport@ogury.co.

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