Apple privacy compliance

Starting in spring 2024, in order to upload your new app or app update to App Store Connect, you’ll be required to include an approved reason in the app’s privacy manifest which accurately reflects how your app uses the API.

Ogury's SDK include this privacy manifest since version 4.2.3.

For information, The privacy report is


Apple has announced the launch of iOS14 during the WWDC 2020. This new version is coming with some new features that requires you to change your integration in order to maintain the maximum performance of your monetization.

What changes?

IDFA Restriction

Prior to iOS 14, applications have unrestricted access to the IDFA. Users can restrict the access at system level by going to the setting application and enabling limit ad tracking parameter.

Since iOS 14, applications that need access to the IDFA may display a permission dialog to the user (same as location, microphone, etc.). The usage of the permission dialog will be enforced by Apple at a later date.

IDFA permission dialog on iOS14

Users can change their choices for each application in the new Tracking settings (under Privacy menu in settings). They can also change these settings globally, restricting applications from asking the permission in the first place.

Tracking settings on iOS14

Apple Store information

Applications must declare on the App Store:

  • Data collected in order to track the user.

  • Data collected about the user.

You must not only declare the data collected by your application for your own usage but also the data collected by third-party SDK embedded in your application.

Those information will be presented to the user on the App Store in the new App Privacy section:

iOS14 App Store

Action to do

In order to maintain the maximum performance for your monetization you must take the following actions:

Update to the latest version of the Ogury SDK

A new version of the Ogury SDK has been released to prepare for the release of iOS 14.

Link to release note

Fill the App Privacy section in App Store Connect

You need to include the following data in you App Privacy declaration:

Data Used to Track User :

  • identifiers

Data Linked to User :

  • identifiers

Ask permission

"App tracking controls will be required for apps as part of a software release in early 2021".

Apple has delayed the requirement to ask the permission to get access to the IDFA leaving you more times to adapt and properly integrate the App Tracking Transparency into your application.

Add the following line to your Info.plist to set the description that will be displayed in the permission dialog:

<string>This identifier will be used to personalized your advertising experience.</string>

Before asking for consent or loading your first ad, display the permission using the following code:

if #available(iOS 14, *) {
    ATTrackingManager.requestTrackingAuthorization(completionHandler: { authorizationStatus in
        // Ask for consent or load your ad.

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