Update your (app-)ads.txt

You will find below all information about Ogury's Global Demand, how to allow each demand source and maximise your revenue.

How to add our (App-)Ads.txt lines?

Create an (app-)ads.txt file in any text editor. Or add the following line to your existing (app-)ads.txt. For additional information on how to create and manage your (app-)ads.txt, please reference the IAB ads.txt documentation.

1- Ogury line

Identify the type of publisher your are:

Use the suffix "DIRECT" as such if you are a publisher (you create your own content):

ogury.com, UNIQUE_ID, DIRECT

Use the suffix "RESELLER" as such if are working as a network for one or several publishers:


If you are working as both a publisher and a network, please select “DIRECT” for the moment as we are not supporting the “BOTH” category. Your Publisher Manager will update you as soon as we can make the change.

Replace UNIQUE_ID by your seller ID

  • You will find your Publisher ID here. Please copy it:

  • Then, paste your Publisher ID as a replacement to the UNIQUE_ID in the example above.

  • Please see below an exemple of an Ogury (app-)ads.txt line. Don't forget to use the right suffix depending on the type of publisher you are.

ogury.com, a0000000000000000000000000000002, DIRECT


ogury.com, a0000000000000000000000000000002, RESELLER

2- Reseller lines

In addition to adding Ogury as a direct seller of your inventory, you can further maximize your revenue from Ogury by adding SSP partners as resellers.

Please update your (app-)ads.txt file with the following lines to let your inventory be bought via our different partners:

appnexus.com, 11470, RESELLER

pubmatic.com, 163238, RESELLER, 5d62403b186f2ace

smartadserver.com, 4537, RESELLER, 060d053dcf45cbf3

rubiconproject.com, 25198, RESELLER, 0bfd66d529a55807

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