How to create an ad unit?

Following the steps below, you will learn how to create your ad units on Ogury's Publisher Platform.

Enter your asset's ad unit section

  1. Go on Ogury's publishers platform

  2. Click on the asset you are setting up

  3. Select "Monetization Settings" on the menu on the left side of your screen

Create a new ad unit

When you go on the Monetization Settings of a new asset, you will always have an ad unit called Default. This ad unit can be used if it corresponds to the ad unit you need.

The Default ad unit is either a Thumbnail Ad if you are on a web asset or an Interstitial if you are on an in-app asset. For both environments, the integration type will be tag-based.

If you need to create another or an additional ad unit, please go on "NEW AD UNIT" on the top right part of your screen:

You will see a pop-up expand in the right of your screen and you will be able to add the required information:

  • ad unit name

  • integration type (standard = tag based)

  • ad unit type (type of format)

  • fixed or flexible orientable

Orientation information is only available for in-app assets.

As the name of the header bidding partner you're using isn't specified here, we recommend to add the name of your Header Bidding solution in the name of your ad unit. It will help you get clearer information from the reporting tool.

Find your Ad unit ID

As per the Asset KEY, you will need your Ad unit ID to set up Ogury's Global Demand correctly. To find your Ad unit ID, you can go back on your Ad unit list (step 1 on this page), you will find the full list here:

Once all your inventory is created in our system, don't forget to allow all our demand sources to have the best chances of a high fill rate!

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