Amazon TAM integration

As a header bidding partner of Amazon TAM, Ogury can now provide mobile web publishers with unique qualitative international demand, in a fair and transparent auction environment. This documentation guides you through integrating Ogury with Amazon TAM.


  • You need to get an Amazon TAM account and a working integration with APS tags in order to connect with Ogury platform.

  • All the following common prerequisites listed here apply.

Supported formats

The Ogury bidder for Amazon TAM currently supports In-Article, Thumbnail, Header and Footer Ad.

Known limitations

  • Because of latency reasons, Ogury operates mostly in the following coutries: US, MX, DE, NL, ES, IT, FR, GB, CA and IN.

  • Ogury platform doesn't support Amazon Unified Ad Marketplace (UAM). This documentation can only be applied in the context of Amazon TAM.

  • Ogury platform doesn't support to be called by several ad slots at the same time on the same page. You should configure a single ad slots/TagId per page.

Step 1: Pause existing ad units

If you already have integrated a direct tag based or a Prebid connection with Ogury, please make sure that the ad unit IDs associated with the selected domains/pages are removed/paused before starting the TAM implementation.

Step 2: Create your inventory

Please refer to the inventory creation section to register your website and ad units.

During the ad unit creation, please make sure you select Header Bidding as integration type to enable the use of the ad unit with Amazon TAM.

It is recommended to append 'TAM' as suffix to the name of the ad unit for easier identification.

Please contact your publisher manager if you are already using the Thumbnail/Header Ad Ad via the OED Tag and you want to migrate to a header bidding only ad unit.

Step 3: Update your ads.txt

Make sure you added your Ogury ID to your ads.txt file.

Step 4: Enable Ogury connection

Please enable connection with Ogury bidder. You can do it using your APS account and enable Ogury third-party bidder. When done, your connection with Ogury's platform is in a pending state until it is validated by your Ogury Publisher Manager.

In order to optimize your fill rate, it is recommended to set the server to server bidding timeout at least to 300 ms.In fact, this configuration allows the Ogury bidder to look for for the maximum number of candidate ad campaigns to deliver in your placement.

Step 5: Share ad slots

Please provide the domains/sites and the corresponding ad slots/TagIds on which Ogury is supposed to bid.

Once the steps above are done, your Publisher Manager will map your APS ad slots with Ogury ad units and activate your web sites on the Ogury APS bidder account. Afterwards, you should start receiving Ogury bids.

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