Mobile Web
Requirements to use Ogury Exclusive Demand

Consent Management

If your website will be trafficked in a country where GDPR applies, you must have implemented a consent management platform (CMP) which is compliant with TCF v2 and includes the Ogury vendor ID (31).

Supported Environments

Ogury supports mobile web only, on the following Browsers:
  • Android
    • Chrome (v83 and above)
    • Samsung browser
    • Facebook browser
  • iOS
    • Chrome (v83 and above)
    • Safari (v10 and above)
    • Facebook browser

Placement Creation

To use the any for monetization, you have to register your websites (= assets) and the placements (= ad units) in the Ogury Platform. Please contact your publisher manager to create the necessary assets and ad units, optionally with different pricings to increase fill. Alternatively, you can create the placements by yourself. After this registration, you will receive the Asset IDs and Ad Unit IDs to start the integration.


At the moment you cannot monetize the Thumbnail and Header Ad simultaneously on the same page!
If you want to use the different ad formats Ogury offers, you can split them between your inventory or make sure, that they're never called on the same page view. Alternatively, you can use the passback functionality to call different formats after each other.


To increase your fill rate and revenue, make sure you have implemented the ads.txt IDs on your websites.
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