Test your implementation

Ogury exclusively serves ads to users who have given consent. It is essential to have responded to a valid TCFv2 consent form before conducting any tests.

As our algorithm works with personified targeting, you may not receive any ad while testing your application. In this case we provide a way for you to test by using a test Ad unit id. This one will always receive test ads when calling the Ogury SDK.

Test ad units

You can suffix the Ad unit id with _test in your ironSource Dashboard.

  • Select the right app.

  • Click on the edit button of the Ogury network in the Custom network tab.

  • In the pop-up window, add _test suffix to the Ad Unit Id and click on Save.

    • E.g. replace "012345678-abcd-abcd-0123456789ab" by "012345678-abcd-abcd-0123456789ab_test"

Make sure to remove _test suffix from the Ad unit id before pushing your application to any store.

This is the preferred way to test your implementation if you are behind a VPN.

Enable logging

The Ogury SDK provides logs to get useful information on your integration status and any issue that might occur. To follow those logs:

  • Connect your device to Android Studio

  • Then filter the logs after the OGURY keyword to separate them from everything else.

By default, the log level is set to ERROR so that you can tracks every errors might occur. For more details around the integration status you can enable the DEBUG level by calling the following method before the Ogury SDK start:


To disable logging set the log level to NONE.

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