Xandr - iOS
Test your implementation
As our algorithm works with precise targeting, you may not receive any ad while testing your application. In this case we provide two ways for you to test:
  • by using a test Ad unit id.
  • by adding a test device on your asset.
Test devices and test ad units will always receive test ads when calling the Ogury SDK.

Test ad units

You can suffix your Ad unit id with _test.
Example: if your Ad unit id is AD_UNIT, the corresponding test Ad unit id is AD_UNIT_test.
Make sure to remove _test suffix from the Ad unit id before pushing your application to any store.
This is the preferred way to test your implementation if you are behind a VPN.

Test device

Step 1: Get your device iPhone Advertising ID (IDFA)

  • Download MyIDFA application from the App Store.
  • Open the application and copy your IDFA.

Step 2: Add your device as a test device

  • Go to your Asset list and select your Asset.
  • Click on the Monetization settings line in the left-menu.
  • Switch to the TEST DEVICES tab and click on NEW TEST DEVICE.
  • Paste the Advertising ID in the IDFA field and click on ADD TEST DEVICE.

Step 3: Check on your device

Once properly setup you will be able to see test ads on your device.
It may take up to 1 hour before you start receiving test ads on your device.
If you ever wish to see actual ads on the test device you have configured above, you will need to explicitly remove the device from your list of test devices.