Integration of Ogury Ad Formats using Xandr as an Ad Server

Step 1: Advertiser Setup

Assuming you have an existing Publisher and Placement Setup, you can proceed with the buy side elements. First, it is recommended to create a separate Advertiser for Ogury. The advertiser settings are only recommendations and can be adjusted to match your preferred setup:

Step 2: Insertion Order and Line Item Setup

Create your insertion order linked to this Advertiser as well as a dedicated line item that is linked to the insertion order. Both Augmented and regular Line Items work with Ogury Exclusive demand.

Step 3: Campaign and Creative Setup

Next is to create a campaign that is linked to the line item you have created in the previous step.

The final step is to create the creative that will contain the Ogury Ad Tag. Click on the New dropdown and select Banner as Media Type:

The creative view will open and you'll navigate to the Template Selector to select HTML as Creative Format.

Scroll down until you see the Textfield to paste the Ogury Tag of your choice

If you don't can or want to create the tags by yourself, Ogury might provide you with a so called Custom Code Snippet. This means that all configuration is done in the Ogury Interface and you don't need to worry about anything. A custom code would look like the tag below and you can use it like any other agency script:

<script type="text/javascript" data-ccid="CC-SOME-ID" src="https://mwtw.presage.io/v1/tag.js"></script>

Click on save and you'll be forwarded to the Creative Settings to enter the general Creative information. It is recommended to use a 1x1 pixel as creative size as well as in the dedicated placement, because our formats will pop out of the placement frame.

Make sure that all created items are active and have a reasonable time frame and you'll be good to go.

Well done ! You finished the configuration required to integrate the Ogury Exclusive Demand Tag through Xandr

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