Integration of Ogury Ad Formats using Equativ (formerly Smart) as an Ad Server

Step 1: Advertiser and Campaign Setup

Set up your Advertiser and Campaign in your Equativ AdServer account as you are used to do. You might want to create a particular Ogury Advertiser to facilitate your reporting, but it is not necessary. If you are not sure what to do, you can refer to the Equativ AdServer Documentation for Advertiser as well as Campaign Management.

Step 2: Insertion Creative Setup

Create an Insertion that uses Direct as Channel Setting and keep following the steps of the Insertion Creation until you reach the Creatives Tab.

  • Make sure Default Banner is selected as Template.

  • Click on Add an Agency Script

  • Alternatively Add A Creative and choose Agency Script as Type.

Fill in the creative Name and set Width and Height to 1. Optionally you can put your Ogury Ad Unit ID as external reference.

Insert the Tag of your choice into the textfield labeled as Customized Script for the Creative

If you don't can or want to create the tags by yourself, Ogury might provide you with a so called Custom Code Snippet. This means that all configuration is done in the Ogury Interface and you don't need to worry about anything. A custom code would look like the tag below and you can use it like any other agency script:

<script type="text/javascript" data-ccid="CC-SOME-ID" src="https://mwtw.presage.io/v1/tag.js"></script>

Click on Add Creative to save your settings.

Step 3: Put your Insertion online

You are now ready to put your Insertion online. Don't forget to set up your insertion targeting in the next tab, if necessary. The campaign priority will behave like a regular direct campaign along with the competing RTB insertions.

Well done ! You finished the configuration required to integrate the Ogury Exclusive Demand Tag through Equativ.

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