Footer Ad

Direct integration of the Footer Ad format into publisher's web pages

Ad Tag Creation

For all the pages where you want to plug Ogury Exclusive Demand (OED) in your website to display an Ogury Footer Ad, copy the following snippet on the placement of your choice inside the page's body.

If you can't or don't want to create the tags by yourself, Ogury can provide a so called Ad Tag. This means that all configuration is done in the Ogury Interface and you don't need to worry about anything. A custom code would look like the tag below and you can use it like any other ad tag:

<script type="text/javascript" data-ccid="CC-SOME-ID" src=""></script>

CC-SOME-ID corresponds to a unique custom code id that Ogury creates for you and will be automatically replaced for you when providing the Ad Tag

Parameter Configuration Details

Below you'll find a list of parameters for the Footer Ad format, that can be used to customize the rendering of the ad. Those parameters have to be defined in the params object.



HTML Identifier that allows the Footer Ad to render in a predefined HTML container

Prebid.js Notation






Example Value


Example Configurations

Embedding inside an ad slot

It is possible to show the footer ad inside a predefined ad slot in your page for initial positioning.

It is mandatory that ad slot container's CSS position attribute is set to 'sticky', 'fixed' or 'absolute'.

You can enable embedding inside an ad slot by using the ad_slot_selector parameter. It is based on the javascript querySelector method and has to be filled with the HTML element identifier of an ad slot in your page. For example, if your ad slot is defined by:

<div id="ad-slot-id" class="ad-slot-class" width="100%"></div>

Then, the configuration snippet should contain:

   ad_slot_selector: '#ad-slot-id'

Alternatively you can work with class names, but make sure that they are unique throughout the page:

   ad_slot_selector: '.ad-slot-class'

You can also chain class names by connecting them with dots:

   ad_slot_selector: ''

When a footer ad is finished, the ad slot is restored to its initial position.

safe frames are currently not supported as footer ad predefined slots.

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