Following its adoption on web, ads.txt has made its way on to Mobile. Ogury believes this initiative will help create a trusted environment for in-app ad buying and selling, allowing brands to scale up their budget in a safe and fraud-free environment.
In order to maximize the activity from all demand partners, please implement your Ogury reseller code as explained below.

How to implement the app-ads.txt

In order to update your app-ads.txt, please do the following:
  • Ensure that your developer website is updated under support url in your app version details on App Store Connect.
  • Create an app-ads.txt file in any text editor. Or append at the end of your existing app-ads.txt.
  • Replace UNIQUE_ID by its value as described in the next section.
  • Upload the file to the root of your developer website domain.
For additional information, please reference the IAB apps-ads.txt documentation.

How to get your UNIQUE_ID for Ogury

Get your publisher name for iOS applications

  • You can find this information on the App Store:

Convert your publisher name into UNIQUE_ID

Your UNIQUE_ID correspond to the MD5 of your publisher name
  • You can use an online converter like:
  • Paste the publisher name in “String”. It is very important to paste the exact name including special characters, spaces, capital letters…
  • Replace the UNIQUE_ID in the app-ads.txt line for Ogury:
1, 03d95e05eee98db5074bada13c7c302a, DIRECT

How to add Ogury for app-ads.txt reseller

In addition to adding Ogury as a direct seller of your inventory, you can further maximize revenue from Ogury by adding us as a reseller for partner SSPs.
Ogury is directly connected with Xandr. Please add the following app-ads.txtfile to enable us to buy your inventory via Xandr:
1, 11470, RESELLER