Getting started

This documentation will go through all the steps required to display Ogury ads through Google Ad Manager (GAM) mediation on Unity platform.

Step 1: Register your applications

In case you publish your application on both Android and iOS, you should do the following steps twice, once for the Android application and once for the iOS application. Otherwise just select the platform you publishes for.

  • Go to your Dashboard and register your application.

  • Copy the Asset Key from the Asset details, as shown in the screenshot below:

The Asset Key follows the pattern: OGY-XXXXXXXXXXXX, where X is an uppercase letter or digit. In all the following code samples, we will refer to:

  • the Asset Key of the Android application by using the string ANDROID_ASSET_KEY.

  • the Asset Key of the iOS application by using the string IOS_ASSET_KEY.

Step 2: Import the Ogury SDK

Import the Ogury SDK

Create an OguryDependencies.xml file in Assets/Editor directory with the following content:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
<androidPackage spec="co.ogury:ogury-sdk:5.+">
<iosPod name="OguryAds" version="~> 2.3.1"></iosPod>

To know more about the latest release of the Ogury SDK, you can check the Android release notes and iOS release notes.

Import the Android custom events

To know more about the latest release of the Android custom events, you can check the release notes.

Import the iOS custom events

To know more about the latest release of the iOS custom events, you can check the release notes.

Step 3: Add Ogury as Yield Partner

In Google Ad Manager dashboard, configure Ogury as a yield partner.

  • Click on Admin > Companies in the left-menu.

  • Click on New company and select Ad Network.

  • In the New ad network pop-up, select Other company as Ad network and enter Ogury as Name. Then enable the Mediation option.

The newly created Ogury yield partner should show in the list of Ad Networks.

Step 4: Integrate Ogury ad formats

Congratulations, the Ogury SDK is now initialized! You are now ready to integrate your first ad. Ogury provides four different ad formats, (i) Interstitial Ads, (ii) Opt-in Video Ads and (iii) Banner Ads. You can refer to the following sections to proceed with the integration:

We suggest you setup a test device before you start integrating so that the device configuration has time to propagate while you perform your integration.

Before going live

Ogury is part of the IAB Authorized Sellers for Apps initiative to fight inventory fraud for applications. It is recommended to update your app-ads.txt to include Ogury as described in the app-ads.txt section.