Migrate from TCF v1 to TCF v2

Consent signals for TCF v1 are not compatible with TCF v2 due to IAB policies. Users with an existing TCF v1 answer will be exposed to the TCF v2 consent notice as if they were new users.‌
Update Ogury SDK version in your Cocoapods Podfile file or download the lastOguryChoiceManager.framework. Use the latest version of the Ogury SDK.
To know more about our latest release, you can check our release notes.‌
First thing after updating the version that you should done is initialization of the Choice Manager and ask for the consent. You should follow usual steps to be sure that setup is called first and after that ask method.‌
Each method call should be changed to use new approach, this is the pattern: OguryChoiceManager.shared().tcfV2.methodName.Make sure that you replaced all method calls in your project and do not call methods for TCFV1.‌
For example, following code:
Objective C
[[[OguryChoiceManager sharedManager] tcfV1] getIabString];
should be replaced with following code:
Objective C
[[[OguryChoiceManager sharedManager] tcfV2] getIabString];
Pay attention that some methods and values are different between versions. Please read documentation for TCF v2 carefully.
There are completely new methods for Legitimate interests. If your project requires this kind of data please refer to the link and use available methods to achieve your goal.