Interstitial Ad

This article will go through all the steps required to display an interstitial ad in your application through AdMob mediation.

Interstitial Ads are skippable fullscreen ads.


You have registered an application on your Ogury Dashboard. If not, please refer to the Getting Started section before the next steps.

Step 1: Create an Interstitial Ad ad unit

In all the following code samples, we will refer to this Ad unit id by using the string AD_UNIT_ID.

Step 2: Create Mediation Group

Follow the AdMob guide to create a mediation group for your Interstitial ad unit.

Step 3: Add Ogury in your Mediation Group

In Order to display Ogury Interstitial Ad through AdMob mediation, you need to configure a Custom Event for Ogury in your mediation group.

  • Go on the Mediation Group page, and click on the mediation group you want.

  • Click on ADD CUSTOM EVENT, in Waterfall section.

  • Enter Ogury as Label, set an eCPM and click on CONTINUE.

For eCPM, you need to set the value that you agreed with your Ogury Account Manager.

  • Next to the name of your Interstitial ad unit, enter the following configuration and click on DONE.

Class Name:



  • Click on SAVE.

If you wish to set up multi-placements for Ogury, you can add Ogury multiple times as an ad source / custom event inside your mediation group. Each time, you should make sure to use the corresponding Ad unit ids from Ogury dashboard, with the agreed eCPM value.

Step 4: Test your integration

Ogury exclusively serves ads to users who have given consent. It is essential to have responded to a valid TCFv2 consent form before conducting any tests.

As our algorithm works with personified targeting, you may not receive any ad while testing your application.

You can test your integration by adding the suffix _test to your interstitial ad unit id, for more details go to Test your implementation page.

Note that if you have just registered your application in the Ogury Dashboard, it will take around 15 minutes until you can successfully load an ad.

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